What if hospitals were run on a ‘not-for-profit’ mode ??

What if hospitals were run on a ‘not-for-profit’ mode and on an objective of providing high class care to the public at subsidized rates. Can they still provide high standard of services and extended hospital facilities to its patients ?

Sri Jayewardenepura general hospital, located in the administrative capital of Sri Lanka, runs like in a mix of Lanka Hospitals and the low cost cargills super marts in town, proving its business model as the perfect business model for hospitals.



Together with a whole host of patient services and supportive services, the hospital is specialized in many clinical specialties ranging from general surgery to  cardio-thoracic surgery to routine and emergency surgeries of brain and spinal cord and many more..

Stripping out its air-conditioning and training trainee doctors to help with post-operative care, the hospital is maintaining high quality of services at constant, and at highly subsidized rates. It only charges 30-50% lower than the charges of the private hospitals around. What the hospital do different than the most renown hospitals around is, it touches the lives of its patients & clients making their prime concern as the health and happiness for its patients rather than maximizing its profits.

Question is, what do we need from a hospital .. A quality health care or a high class air-conditioned facility that charges all our pockets out ? There is no specific answer to this… However, I suggest to visit SJGH and experience the difference before coming up with an answer.. 😀


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